The Importance of Special Needs Trusts

The at-risk communities in our country have needs that the uninitiated would struggle to understand. If a loved one counts on you to ensure that their financial needs outside of government assistance are met, it can be tough to imagine what would happen when you’re gone.

A special needs trust is built to protect your loved one’s interests first and foremost and ensure that they are set-up without bumping them off social security, disability, Medicare, or Medicaid benefits. 

Without legal protections in place, it is possible that your well-intended estate plan could inadvertently jeopardize your loved one’s ability to enjoy these necessary programs.

By entrusting the ElderCare Law Firm with your special needs trust, you can rest assured in knowing that your loved one will be covered and set-up without the added stresses of worrying about the potential myriad of problems that could come with inheritance.

Our team is ready to discuss the unique needs of your case and look forward to speaking with you soon.