Our Mission at The ElderCare Law Firm Inc. is to take care of our clients as they go through the aging process. When you receive planning through our firm, we see you as part of our client family, and as such, we are committed to helping you save time, stress, and money by helping you do the right thing the first time. We also help you keep your planning up to date so that it will accomplish what you need.

We fulfill our Mission through our Legacy Membership service. This service provides a carefully thought out set of benefits to make sure you always get what you need from us. Here is what the Legacy Membership includes:

  1. Designated Access.
    We encourage you to call us any time you think we can be of help in any legal issue you may be facing. We can provide guidance regarding your plan and on a wide range of other legal issues you may encounter. Where we cannot personally help, we will provide you referrals to other qualified sources.
  2. Annual Client Meetings.
    At your personalized annual client meeting, we review your assets in relation to your plan, assess any changes that may have taken place in your life or planning objectives, consider any legal changes that may affect your plan, and advise you on any challenges you may be facing. It is also a great time to reconnect with you as a member of our client family.
  3. Document Amendments.
    Under our membership, almost changes you need to make to your documents are covered at no additional charge.
  4. Funding Assistance.
    One of the biggest problems we see is clients not keeping their assets properly titled to work with their plan. As a member, you can obtain free guidance from us, as needed, to make sure your assets are titled or designated correctly.
  5. Notice of Changes.
    At times, there are significant changes that take place in the law that are time sensitive and may affect your planning. When such things occur, we will contact you and give you an opportunity to address them in your plan.
  6. Free DocuBank Membership.
    We take health care planning very seriously. For more information about that, Click Here. One of the most important aspects of good healthcare planning is having your healthcare documents easily accessible in a time of crisis. As a Legacy Member, you will receive a free DocuBank Membership that allows you or a care provider to gain access to your health care documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where you are in the world. For more information, visit Docubank.com.
  7. Free Post-Death Meeting.
    After a clients death, we give our Members (or their families) a free meeting to discuss the plan and the settlement process. This meeting is a great comfort to our Member families, and helps them avoid mistakes and frustrations when implementing the plan.