We have carefully designed a special process to give you the best planning experience while making sure we cover all the issues that affect you and your family. Your involvement in that process will primarily consist of four meetings: Vision, Design, Delivery, and Funding Follow-Up.


At your Vision Meeting, we help you identify the problems, risks, and opportunities that are before you. We then help you select services our firm offers that will address those problems, risks, and opportunities.


At your Design Meeting, we take you through a series of questions to help you craft a customized plan to address your unique personal and family situation. Don’t worry if you do not have all the answers and information now. We have thought of everything and will help you be thorough in creating a wise plan to secure you throughout your life and bless your loved ones after you are gone.


At your Delivery Meeting, we review page-by-page to make sure that we have successfully implemented your instructions from the Design Meeting. At this meeting, you will see how much care we have taken to give customized solution to your particular needs. Finally, we review your assets and agree on how they will be correlated to work with your new plan.

Funding Follow-Up

Funding is the process of re-titling assets and changing beneficiary designations so they work properly in relation to your new plan. It is important to remember that you can have the best plan in the world, but if the assets are not correlated to work with that plan, it all fails. So, at this meeting, we review the various documents that have been obtained to make sure things have been done correctly, and make sure they are organized for easy reference in your estate planning binder.

Our Membership Service

Some people look at having an estate plan as a to-do item that can be checked off and forgotten. However, it is important to stay watchful and vigilant over the years to come. There are certain key services that are critical to the ongoing security of your legal and financial life and it is our commitment to be there for you when and as needed. The attorneys at the ElderCare Law Firm Inc. have the experience to help you plan for your future, protect your assets, and provide for your health care costs. We fulfill this through our Membership Service. Click Here for more information.