1. How To Be There For Your Loved One In A Nursing Home

    While we all wish our loved ones could spend every day of their lives independent and in the comfort of their own home, this is sometimes simply not possible. Making the decision to place your aging parent or another relative into a nursing home can feel like a betrayal. However, in many cases, it i…Read More

  2. Why Choose an Elder Lawyer?

    When you are looking for a doctor, you wouldn’t choose a pediatrician as an adult, and you wouldn’t want a gerontologist for an infant. The same principle applies to law, and choosing a lawyer that has skill and experience in senior issues is crucial when you are older. Especially when dealing w…Read More

  3. How Does a Living Will Work in Elder Care?

    The attorneys at our Utah elder care law firm can help you decide if a living will is the right option for you. Let’s say that you’re sick and you don’t know what’s going to happen to you as the disease progresses. Or maybe you’re just thinking about what could happen is you do get sick. W…Read More