The Importance of Probate Pre-Planning

When most people think of a trust or will, they assume that the clear allocation of assets and a smooth, pain-free process for surviving family members are automatically a part of that equation. This is not always the case, as some form of probate will be necessary for every case. If your future plans don’t include clear instructions and plans for a probate situation, your family could face hardship at the worst time.

During probate, a court would make the distinction between probate and non-probate items, typically differentiated by the type of asset or possession. Our team can help to set up your plan to clearly outline both types of assets so that your family doesn’t have to worry about, stress, or fight over any loose ends in or out of court.

There are many options to consider in terms of crafting your future plan. Connect with our team today to discuss all of the aspects of your plan to ensure your loved ones are poised for a successful, fear-free probate process.