When most people think of government health care programs and they think of Medicare and Medicaid. Well you would be right since these are two of the programs offered by the government. But most people then proceed to use the two terms interchangeably. That’s actually not right at all. Medicare and Medicaid are two different programs for two different groups of people.

Medicaid is a program designed to help those who are facing financial burdens and can’t afford to pay for medical care. This program has a main eligibility requirement of being up to 133% of the federal poverty level. Living at the poverty level means you make less money than your family needs to survive. So if you make 133% of that poverty level, the government says you still don’t make enough and they help you with medical expenses.

Medicare on the other hand is a government program for the elderly. This program provides people that are over the age of 65 with assistance for their medical bills. You can also qualify if you have end-stage diseases or disabilities and are under the age of 65. Typically you will also need to have worked for a certain number of years where you paid money in for Medicare coverage.

Someone who is elderly can actually qualify for both of these programs however you can only actually receive one of them. They are designed to assist those in need with medical costs because those with less money are unable to pay. And those who are older typically have more medical needs, which then become very difficult to pay.

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