The ElderCare Law Firm works with a variety of clients and families deciding if nursing homes are a viable option for their situation. When an elderly person is no longer able to care for themselves, a lot of family members will encourage them to go to a nursing home. They may even make them go if they are unable to make the decision alone. But nursing homes can be expensive. After all, you’re paying for room and board, meals, and around the clock medical care. So when the person starts in a nursing home they will probably pay all of their own bills and expenses. But after time, what happens when that money runs out? Well, as the child, you would typically not be responsible. However, there are some caveats to that statement that our attorneys can help you understand.

Someone who is unable to afford their nursing home after they have exhausted all of their expenses would then be eligible for government assistance in staying at that nursing home. That means the government would pay for the care, which is very expensive. You wouldn’t have to pay for anything at all. However, some states have started to change this rule. The ElderCare Law Firm understands the intricacies of Utah law, and can advise you on nursing home care decisions.

The states that have changed the rule about your responsibility for your parents look at any gifts they have given you, or anything of monetary value. If your parents have given you anything like this within so many years of their being admitted into a nursing home, the government says that you can be responsible for paying for their medical care. That’s because the government says that this person had more money and gave it away so they wouldn’t have to spend it on this type of care.

This means that if your parent is going to be going into a nursing home you’ll want to look at any of the money they’ve given you recently. You’ll also want to think about how long they can afford care. If you have time before they will be going into a nursing home you’ll want to look at different forms of trusts instead of monetary gifts if they choose to give you something. These are not taken away by the government should your parent need help paying for their care.

If you have questions about nursing home care for the elder(s) in your family, please contact one of our attorneys at the ElderCare Law Firm to assist you with your estate planning.