1. Elder Care FAQ: What is my Power of Attorney?

    When someone gets older there are actually a number of different things they should start to think about. Elder care is not just looking at things like nursing homes, or in-home care, or how they will care for themselves. This is when most people look at creating a will, a living will, or trust fund…Read More

  2. Elder Care FAQ: Is Respite Care Right For Me?

    Some of our clients have found that respite care is perfect for the elder(s) in their family. Are you caring for an elderly parent or loved one? Do you sit with them around the clock and take care of everything that they need at all moments of the day? If you do, you might want to look into respite …Read More

  3. Elder Care FAQ: What are some Alternatives to Nursing Homes?

    One question the attorneys at our Utah elder care law firm encounter very often is if there are alternatives to nursing homes. Maybe you have a parent that’s getting older and you don’t know what you should do. Maybe they can still take care of themselves or maybe they are losing some of those a…Read More

  4. Elder Care FAQ: What is Long-Term Care Insurance?

    At our elder care law firm serving Weber and Davis counties, we help clients everyday decide if they should choose a long-term care insurance plan. If you’re looking at health insurance plans for someone that is getting older, or someone that is very sick, you want to make sure that everything is …Read More

  5. How Does a Living Will Work in Elder Care?

    The attorneys at our Utah elder care law firm can help you decide if a living will is the right option for you. Let’s say that you’re sick and you don’t know what’s going to happen to you as the disease progresses. Or maybe you’re just thinking about what could happen is you do get sick. W…Read More

  6. Am I Responsible for Paying My Parent’s Nursing Home Bills?

    The ElderCare Law Firm works with a variety of clients and families deciding if nursing homes are a viable option for their situation. When an elderly person is no longer able to care for themselves, a lot of family members will encourage them to go to a nursing home. They may even make them go if t…Read More

  7. Elder Care: What is the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid?

    When most people think of government health care programs and they think of Medicare and Medicaid. Well you would be right since these are two of the programs offered by the government. But most people then proceed to use the two terms interchangeably. That’s actually not right at all. Medicare an…Read More